The complete package includes 18 up lighting fixtures at an incredible price. Incorporate your wedding color or your personal favorite color shade and continue your wedding vision with our incredible up lighting package. 

Inquire how our signature up lighting can turn your celebration into a picture perfect lasting image along with our award winning wedding DJ service.

Up Lighting- Wedding DJ in Phoenix, Arizona

Let there be light! With our patented industrial commercial grade LED up lighting, you can turn any room into a palace. You have over 100 color shades to choose from and with our small, sleek and powerful up lighting fixtures, you get coverage 100 feet from ground to ceiling. Our up lighting fixtures will work perfectly for outdoor events as well.

Why spend a small fortune on decorating your reception room only to have it get lost in the darkness? With our spectacular up lighting, you can make any room pop and give it a 3 D effect. In addition, they will make your professional photographer photos shine like you’ve never imagined. 

Every bride dreams of her perfect wedding day.
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